About Us

B&B Systems, based in Louisville, Kentucky - started over twenty years ago as a way to bring unique and hard to find products to the food and beverage industry. With corporations looking for everything from paper napkins to custom-built displays, B&B Systems has grown to meet the demand - which, even we admit, is odd sometimes!

Today, B&B Systems offers what you want. Ranging from typical give-away items like pens and caps to one-of-a-kind display items, it's hard to define exactly what we sell because it is always unique, customized and quoted specially for you.

The Erny family has owned and operated B&B Systems in its location on Gardiner Lane because it's centrally-located and near the Louisville Airport where UPS operates a national hub.

We order product in and ship it out quickly thanks to our prime location. With a great location and terrific products, you'll find B&B Systems a great supplier for what people want!